April 16, 2020

This has been a tough week.

I just finished the first draft of the last book in a series, and that means it’s time to say goodbye to some characters I’ve spent a lot of time with and sincerely do love.

Yes, I created the characters. Yes, I am the one who tortured them.


April 9, 2020

I’m not a doctor, or a nurse, or an essential worker of any kind.

I am an author and an actor.

The theaters have all shut down, and we really still don’t know when they’re going to reopen, but books are still there. Just like they have been through so many trying times i...

March 19, 2020

There is too much going on in the world for me to muddy your day with a long blog post about staying positive while social distancing or how to keep your creative juices flowing when it feels like the world is starting to copy off the dystopian authors' playbook....

March 13, 2020

I hate grocery stores. And malls. Basically, if it’s not a bookstore, a farmers market, or a jewelry store, I don’t want anything to do with retail spaces.

I’ve always found them to be super overwhelming and exhausting. Which is a little odd considering I can power thro...

January 31, 2020

One of my favorite things about being an indie author is the need to constantly adapt and learn new skills. It’s also one of the most stressful parts of being an indie author, but we’ll discuss that some other day.

Some of the keeping up with the times work does affect...

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