July 30, 2020

I really miss theatre.

I will openly admit that I am one of the very fortunate actors who has a ready-made storytelling outlet I can turn to whenever I want. Writing may not have the same instant gratification as being onstage, but at least I'm communicating to an audie...

July 9, 2020

I'm a book geek.

I know you're not at all surprised by this. 

One of my favorite things to geek out about is fantasy world building. 

I love maps, backstories, scraps from ancient tomes... I want it all. Whatever information the author wants to offer, I will devour. 


July 2, 2020

I love researching for books. 

Getting to learn about a new place, skill, or slice of history is one of my favorite parts of being an author. 

When I first started working on the Girl of Glass series, I spent a ton of time in greenhouses and biodomes, learning as much as...

June 11, 2020

I am thrilled to share the cover for the third book in The Tale of Bryant Adams.

As much as I cherished my time with Ena, getting to jump back into the funny and magical Manhattan of Bryant's tale has been a real joy.

Magical mole people? Always fun. 

Lying to your therap...

May 28, 2020

It’s book release week for Feather and Flame!

I am thrilled to have the final installment in the Ena of Ilbrea series out in the world.

Some battles cannot be won.

The time has come to fight.
There are no allies left.
There is nothing but flames ahead.
The end has arrived...

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