August 24, 2019

Megan and I are actors. If you’ve been following her blog(s) for a bit, you probably already knew that. We are professional storytellers. Thus, it was quite easy for Megan to make the transition to writing. And it was the natural progression for both of us to use our y...

July 26, 2019

When you’re writing a book, it’s easy to look at it as a small project (I know, that may seem insane to you). But you work and work and work, and then you get to hold a book in your hand, which is awesome. The project is finite. There is an end in sight. Even in a sequ...

July 1, 2019

Once upon a time, I wrote a book titled The Tethering. I was a wide-eyed, hopeful young author who believed in the dream of traditional publishing...that was five closed publishing houses and an FBI investigation ago.

About eight years ago, jeez that's a really long tim...

June 28, 2019

I love being an Indie Author. I really, sincerely do.

I love being able to control my own release schedule. I love not having my hands tied when it comes to how my books are marketed. I love getting to participate in awesome author events without having to worry about i...

June 18, 2019

Being an Indie Author is stressful.

True, submitting to agents and presses is awful. You hit send on an email and then feel nauseous every time you check your email until you get rejected. If you get rejected. A lot of times it feels like you’re screaming into the publi...

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