The Girl Locked With Gold (The Chronicles of Maggie Trent #2)

A warning to you once the wish is made, the Siren’s price must always be paid.


Maggie Trent lives peacefully by the Endless Sea. Seeing the same people every day. Making friends who care for her. Learning to survive without spells. The storms have ended, and she has finally found the paradise the Siren promised.

But the Siren has brought death into her realm, threatening all who dwell there.


Seeking salvation for those they hold most dear, Maggie and Bertrand slip out of the Siren’s Realm and find themselves in a world where machines fly and enslavement and murder are the fate of magicians. Balancing between hope and truth, Maggie must face a future of fire.

Will Maggie be able to pay the price of salvation? Will saving the many cost her everything she wanted to protect?

Journey into the Siren’s Realm, where danger lurks and adventure awaits.

Megan O'Russell

Fantastic Worlds. Unlikely Heroes.
Young Adult Author Megan O'Russell