The Girl Without Magic (The Chronicles of Maggie Trent #1)

Death would have been easier, but the Siren wasn't through with her.

A paradise without fear or want—that is the promise of the Siren. But the time has come to purge her Realm of those who have spent their magic.


The Siren dragged Maggie Trent out of a battle and into her Realm, a land where secrets hide in the shadows and pleasure comes at a price Maggie is unwilling to pay. Worlds from home and with a past she’ll fight to forget, Maggie hides from those who want to protect her. When Maggie’s new life begins to unravel, following Bertrand Wayland may be her only chance for survival.


With Bertrand’s promise of adventure in new worlds, and a chance for riches beyond her wildest dreams, Maggie leaps into a journey of blood and romance.

Enter the Siren’s Realm, where your heart’s desire is only a wish away, and death lurks around every corner.

Megan O'Russell

Fantastic Worlds. Unlikely Heroes.
Young Adult Author Megan O'Russell