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Nuttycracker Sweet

A snowy road trip. A cozy cabin. An impossible romance.


All Elle wanted was to dance the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy and get a paycheck big enough to cover her Manhattan rent.


If only the gig had been so simple.


When a snowstorm traps her in a remote cabin, Elle is stuck with a man she vowed to hate. Spending some time curled up by the fire with a charming, handsome man could have been perfect. Too bad he’s her womanizing dance partner Zach.


As the snow swirls around them, sparks begin to fly. But even a winter wonderland can’t erase a painful past.


With time before their performance running out, the pair will have to learn to dance together or risk a ballet disaster.


Will Elle and Zach fall in love, or will their duet end in heartbreak?


If you crave love, dream of drama, and are ready to laugh out loud, Nuttycracker Sweet is the romance for you. Download your copy now!

Looking for Megan O'Russell's YA Fantasy site? Click here to be redirected now. Happy reading!

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