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Heart of Smoke
Heart of Smoke (Heart of Smoke #1)


One will betray her. One will save her. One will destroy her world.

Do the work, steal the goods, keep her sister alive―a simple plan Lanni has been clinging to. With the city burning around her and vampires hiding in the shadows, making it until morning is the best she can hope for.

But order in the city is crumbling, and the thin safety that’s kept Lanni alive won’t be enough to protect her family. The people who live in the glittering glass domes―lording over the city, safe from the dangers of the outside world―have grown tired of the factory filth marring their perfect apocalypse.

When the new reign of chaos threatens her sister, Lanni faces a horrible choice―accept the fate she was born to, or join the enemy she’s sworn to destroy.

Soul of Glass
Soul of Glass
Soul of Glass (Heart of Smoke #2)


Safety demands sacrifice.


Torn from the only life she’s ever known and thrown into paradise, Lanni has fulfilled the plan of the father she’s never met. No more danger. No more blood. All she has to do is live as a normal teenage girl, protected from the end of the world by the might of the Incorporation.


But the shadows that stalk her have found their way inside the glass.


Assassinations and sabotage have shattered the peace of the domes, threatening the life Lanni swore to defend. As suspicion drives powerful forces closer to the truth of Lanni’s birth, precarious lies are all that stand between her and death.


Haunted by her past and hunted by unknown traitors, Lanni must choose between trusting an enemy she’s sworn to destroy or a monster who’s scented her blood.

Eye of Stone
Eye of Stone
Eye of Stone (Heart of Smoke #3)


Paradise is a prison.


After a lifetime spent imagining the safety inside the domes, the terrible truth has become impossible for Lanni to deny. The kep are willing to sacrifice their own to achieve the future the Incorporation demands. And Lanni’s turn for torment is coming.


With time running out, Lanni’s only hope of escaping the domes’ cruelty is to trust an ally she’s never met. But danger is gathering beyond the glass. The ones the kep fought so hard to destroy have come seeking vengeance, and they are unwilling to allow survivors.


Lost in a web of lies and blood, Lanni must choose what she’s willing to risk before her last hope for freedom disappears.

Ash of Ages
Ash of Ages (Heart of Smoke #4)


One choice will change the world.


The Incorporation promised its people safety as they waited out the apocalypse. The Incorporation lied.

With the torment of Project Progeny wreaking havoc inside the domes, a single chance for freedom offers Lanni more hope than she’d dared to dream of. A life outside the glass without the threat of starvation or violence. A place where Mari can be safe. A love that can heal Lanni’s shattered heart.


But happily ever after must be paid for in blood.


Will the cost of paradise be more than Lanni can pay?

Ash of Ages
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