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Finished the First Draft

I just finished the first draft on what is, by far, the longest project I’ve ever attempted. The project currently comes in at 98,500 words.

By George RR Martin standards, I’ve barely begun to write, but for young adult author me, that’s a lot of words. For example, How I Magically Messed Up My Life in Four Freakin’ Days sits at about 68,000. Girl of Glass is about 63,000. My longest project currently in the loving hands of my agent is 70,000. So if you look at it like that, I just went from running a 10k to, like, a half-marathon. It’s a lot.


And it’s not following a single point of view either. One Note became my best friend during this process when knowing which soldier is traveling with which party.

Seriously, look at the number of tabs it took to create this project!

Also, enjoy the awesome map making skills…

Right now, I’m in that post massive project phase where you play a lot on social media to fill the

time writing took while pretending that, of course, the pain of edits and revisions won’t be that bad, ‘cause you did a really great job and are super talented, accomplished, and awesome. But I kinda miss my characters, so that’ll probably last about as long as Humboldt Fog cheese lasts in my fridge.

But I finished the first draft, I made it happen, and whatever fresh hell comes with revisions, I am determined to feel accomplished.

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