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Bryant, Books, and Book Reviews

How I Magically Messed Up My Life in Four Freakin’ Days has been out for a whole week already! And what a week it has been!

The Amazon and Goodreads giveaways are still running.

And the book already has twenty ratings on Goodreads.

I am so utterly thrilled with all the love and support Bryant Adams has already received.

And the best part? For all you book bloggers out there, there are still signups for the book review tour with the lovely Xpresso Book Tours!

Letting a book fly out into the world is both a terrifying and a glorious experience. In some ways, it’s almost like a purge. This thing you’ve been working on for years is utterly out of your hands, and you feel this amazing lightness.

On the other hand, it feels like you’re standing naked in a crowd and begging them to post reviews about your bare form online.

No matter the edits you’ve done and the confidence you have in the product, you know you will never please everyone.

So, worry knots your stomach and you try to breathe and hope some good reviews will come in.

But Bryant reached rank 784 in its category on Amazon in the first week. So I am happy and calm.

But… if you are a book reviewer, don’t forget to sign up for the tour!

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