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November is here, and all over the world authors and hopeful writers are posting their daily totals as they race to finish a manuscript in a month!

That’s great. Tons of people writing is an amazing thing. Even if 98% of the participants never even get to the editing stage of the process, at the very least they’ll have gained an appreciation for the writing process.

I, however, will not be racing to finish a project in a month.

The daily word count isn’t anything I don’t normally do when I’m in writing mode. But between edits and living on a tour bus, at this time I’m making the choice to put my sanity first. I am going to have the first draft of the second book in The Chronicles of Maggie Trent finished by the time I hit Christmas break from tour, and I feel really great about that sanity-producing decision. With more lines edits coming down the pipe, a book release to orchestrate, and (hopefully) content edits on another project headed my way, I’m going to sit this one out.

And I feel really good about it.

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