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The Great Human/Vampire/Werewolf Debate

If the world were ending and normal humans could no longer survive, what would you do?

Would you accept your doom and try to go peacefully? Would you fight the good fight and maintain your humanity for as long as possible? Or would you find a way to become more than human?

This week’s Twitter poll looked at the type of creature people would most want to become if transforming from pure human became the only way to survive.

Vampire, werewolf, or enhanced human. What would you want to become?

The results were… surprising in a weird sort of way.

My husband laughed when I posted the poll. He said of course more people are going to choose enhanced human, and clearly they did. The weird part to me? I didn’t say what kind of enhanced human. Are they getting gills? Is their skin turning into crusty armor? “Enhanced human” would be a risky bet if you were given no time for research. You could end up as the Black Panther, or you could just be yourself with burps of fire and the ability to hold your breath for a long period of time.

I really thought more people would go for the vampire option. From Twilight to Lestat, there are so many tales of blood sucking adventure. There’s so much romantic lure. A little sexy survival time with fangs appeals to a definite niche. Spending the apocalypse hunting by night could be great… if you don’t mind living off of blood. Lots and lots of blood.

And the werewolf folks, the allure of being a part of a pack, or maybe of just slipping away into an animal’s mind could hold some appeal. Or it could be that people just want to snuggle up with Remus Lupin.

As for me, if I couldn’t know for sure what kind of enhanced human I would become, I would go vampire all the way. I’d do the vigilante hunting-down-the-wicked-for-a-midnight-snack thing. Saving the world while eating, not a bad gig if you ask me.

In the Girl of Glass series, most of those left with only slow and painful death as an option choose to become vampires and werewolves (granted, enhanced human is not an option for them). When the world itself is killing everyone around you, does becoming something that needs to kill to survive become more socially acceptable? Would you take a chance and change yourself?

I’d love to get some more in depth answers to the enhanced human, vampire, werewolf debate, so please post in the comments!

Want to learn more about a world that pushes people to get rid of their humanity? Follow this link to grab a free sample of Girl of Glass from Instafreebie!

And don’t miss out of this week’s Twitter poll: our love level for the not-so-alpha male.

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