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The Un-Alpha

If you’ve read How I Magically Messed in Four Freakin’ Days, you know I love a geeky hero.

There’s something about the underdog that I find to be super appealing. Maybe it’s the will to keep fighting even though they’re probably going to lose. Maybe I just like the kind of person who is forced to accept help from those around them so they can’t stand on the podium of glory all by their lonesome. Maybe six pack abs kind of freak me out sometimes. Whatever the reason, I’m a fan of the geeky hero.

But what do other people think? Am I the only geek lover in a world only seeking Alpha males?

I turned to Twitter for some insight.

Geeks and case by case for the win!

This is where it gets a little deep. When I posted the poll, in my head I was like, “Geeks all the way!” but as I started thinking about it, I realized I was lying to myself. Sure, Bryant Adams from Magically Messed Up… is a total geek. The kid finds a cell phone with a magical app and uses it to (accidentally) burn down part of his school while being asked to tutor his dream girl in Calculus.

But if you hop over to Girl of Glass, I’ve got two mighty Alphas fighting to get the girl.

Hunger Games: I was a Peta fan. Six of Crows: I’m Kaz Brekker all the way. I adore Thomas Cresswell in Stalking Jack the Ripper. So really, I’m a case by case person as well.

Things I never knew about myself.

For me personally, I think I can find a way to root for just about any type of male character as long as he’s well written and gives me something to care about. Even if it’s just a tiny chink in the armor that shows depth beyond the six-pack.

What about you? Love geeks? Love them all? Six-pack or nothing?

Comment below and keep an eye on my Twitter page for this week’s poll: How do you think the world will end? Pick your own dystopian prologue.

Want a sneak peek into the geek that is Bryant Adams? Snag your sample on Instafreebie by clicking here.

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