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The Magic of the Horn

I, like many others, have often dreamed of having a unicorn. A unicorn is basically a sparkly horse, so it’s easy to see the appeal. Add the ability to stab your enemies with its head, and the unicorn becomes not only a lovely companion, but also a deadly protector.

But are there other magical creatures that could be better pets? I dug into the Potterverse and asked the tweople.

I don’t think anyone can be surprised that unicorns won. But let’s take a moment to examine the advantages of the other species.

If you had a pet hippogriff, you’d be basically unstoppable. You have a warrior bird you can ride! How amazing is that! All you need are a few dead ferrets, and you’re ready to take on the world.

Student loan debt getting you down? All you need is a niffler and a questionable sense of morality! Let that beast go, and he’ll come back with enough treasure to pay off those student loans AND go grocery shopping!

Okay, so neither is going to beat a horned sparkle horse, but I encourage you to consider your circumstances should you ever been given the chance to chill with a magical creature. Hey, sometimes you just need a blast-ended skrewt to mess with your annoying neighbors.

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