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All the News!

I am thrilled to announce some huge and epically exciting news!

The contracts have been signed and work has begun on book two in The Tale of Bryant Adams series, Seven Things Not to do When Everyone is Trying to Kill You.

AND book two in The Chronicles of Maggie Trent, The Girl Locked With Gold.

And--this is a really humongous--all four books in The Tethering series--The Tethering, The Siren’s Realm, The Dragon Unbound, and The Blood Heir--have been signed! Jacob and Emilia have found a new home with Curiosity Quills Press!

Yep, that’s six books! I’m elated, I’m in awe of my wonderful agent for getting it done, and I have so much work to do!

Right now Seven Things Not to Do When Everyone is Trying to Kill You is slated for Spring 2019 release and The Girl Locked With Gold Winter 2019 release with The Tethering series coming back out into the world starting in 2020.

To everyone who has followed along with Bryant and Maggie, I am so excited to share the next chapters in their stories with you.

To the people who have been waiting for Jacob and Emilia to finish their story. It’s coming. Thank you for your patience and belief.

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