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Princess Camp in Production

Princess Camp: The Musical

It’s been a rather thrilling time in my little writing world.

I turned in the proof for book two in The Tale of Bryant Adams currently titled Seven Things Not to do When Everyone is Trying to Kill You, sent two new manuscripts my agent’s way, and had the thrilling experience of attending the first music rehearsal for Princess Camp: The Musical.

Mary Merryweather runs away from Princess Camp to prove she can be more than perfect. Princess Mary Merryweather would rather be riding a horse than dancing at a ball. Too bad Princess Camp doesn’t have any horses. Tired of failing at all the things a princess is supposed to be, Mary runs away. Between saving a prince, being chased by minions of the Evil Stepmothers Alliance, and some sword fighting, being in the forest is just the adventure Mary had hoped for. But getting out of trouble takes more than guts, and proving a princess can be anything she wants to be will take a little help from Mary’s friends. If Sleeping Beauty can stay awake that long.

Princess Camp: The Musical is a joint project with my husband. I wrote the book and lyrics, and my husband composed and orchestrated the score. Princess Camp is being produced by a children’s program, and I can’t wait to see what these wonderful and talented young women bring to the story.

For more information on the show, visit

And if you’re in Southwest Florida and would like to see the show, you can find ticket information here: Alliance for the Arts

Weaving my two worlds of writing and theatre together has been an amazing adventure, and I can’t wait to see where this new avenue leads!

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