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Top Ten List for Fantasy Road Trips

Good morning, beautiful readers! I am thrilled to introduce Danielle K. Roux, author of August Prather is Not Dead Yet. I've asked Ms. Roux to enlighten us on how to enjoy (and survive) a fantasy road trip. Enjoy, and take note!


Top Ten list of fantasy road trip tips?

Fantasy Roadtrip Tips – If you’re going on a road trip this summer, and you also happen to be in a twisted fantasy story, here’s how to have a lovely time and survive:

  1. Bring snacks – You wouldn’t want to get stuck in the middle of the desert, trapped in a time-loop, or cross over into an alternative reality without your favorite crunchy, salty, or sweet nomnoms.

  2. Stay hydrated – Even if you are immortal or have some sort of camel-like superpower, it’s never fun to be parched. Drink water.

  3. Stop and enjoy the scenery – Select several places in advance or just stop as you go. Plan to stop in at least one mysterious or “cursed” location, as this will lead to some excellent photo opportunities.

  4. Make a playlist – Music is essential to a good road trip, regardless of where you are going. Mix in new tracks with classics. Have some feel-good songs that everyone can sing out loud. And remember, as the great Terry Pratchett once noted, every mixtape will eventually turn into a Queen tape if you leave it in the car long enough, so be careful. I’m not sure this applies to iPods, iPhones, or the Spotify app, but regardless, be aware.

  5. Bring something to read – A long drive is a great opportunity to enjoy a book or listen to an audiobook. Also, sometimes the people on your trip might be characters in your book, and that’s fun.

  6. Take naps – If you aren’t driving, use your time in the car to catch up on sleep. After all, you may spend all night investigating a haunted cavern or hunting for treasure.

  7. Pick up random strangers, discarded furniture, runaway teens, robot magicians, dead bodies, etc. – You might end up with a new friend or you might just get splinters, you never know.

  8. Use a map – Or don’t. Entering the unknown is way more fun, especially if you are driving away from someone or something that’s trying to destroy you. If you don’t know where you are, how could anyone or anything else find you?

  9. Drive safe – Don’t forget that not everyone in your car has supernatural abilities, the protection of the gods, or immortality on their side.

  10. Enjoy the ride – Remember, it’s not the destination, it’s the journey. If you have no idea where you’re going, even better.

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