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Seven Things Not to Do

Seven Things Not to Do When Everyone's Trying to Kill You

There are a couple of reasons this launch felt so monumental.

First of all, of the four previously contracted series that I regained with the loss of my publishers, two are now completely (re)released! That’s huge!

Technically, the first book in The Tethering series is the halfway mark if you’re counting individual books, but now two of my four sets of characters are having their stories read. Which is awesome.

Second reason—Seven Things Not to Do When Everyone’s Trying to Kill You was the book launch I was planning when the poop hit the fan at the end of 2018. I had book bloggers already reading the book. I had scheduled promos and then poof, no more publisher. It was devastating.

I had to email the book reviewers and apologize, explain that there wasn’t going to be an Amazon page for them to post the reviews on. They had spent their valuable time reading about Bryant, and now there wouldn’t be a way for readers to get the book. That’s a really rough email to send. It’s even worse to send it over and over again to a ton of wonderful people who believed in you enough to read your book.

This week, I got to re-email those reviewers with the Amazon link. They’ve started posting their reviews, and it’s amazing.

Bryant’s story is out there, a little late, but that’s okay. I did it. And that feels great.

And in less than two weeks, The Tethering, the book that started it all, will be (re)released. I can’t even begin to imagine how wonderful that’s going to be. I’m probably going to cry, and I’m not the crying type.

Even looking at the beautiful cover brings me so much joy!

The Tethering

Cheers to this publishing adventure.

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