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A Lot of Words

Celebrating the Massive Moments

When you’re writing a book, it’s easy to look at it as a small project (I know, that may seem insane to you). But you work and work and work, and then you get to hold a book in your hand, which is awesome. The project is finite. There is an end in sight. Even in a sequel, you finish one book and move on to the next. Which is another individual book. Nice and compact. An easy size to wrap your head around.

Then I decided to release the Girl of Glass series in a digital “box set.” The full series in one easily downloadable format. But, of course, I wanted a hardcopy to list with the eBook. In a perfect world, I would create an actual box set. Unfortunately, that isn’t practical at this point in time.

So, I went for one giant paperback that includes all four books in the series, the full short story of Death of Day, and an exclusive stinger scene. This resulted in one giant book.

Having the entirety of Nola’s story in one book makes the amount of work that went into the series somehow so much more real. I wrote all those words.

So, so many words.

You could hurt yourself if you dropped this massive tome on your foot.

When you’re moving from one release to the next, consistently writing and editing, and diving into the next project before you get behind in your deadline, it’s easy to forget how large of an accomplishment finishing a series really is.

Cheers to all the authors who see their series through to the end. You have accomplished something huge. Don’t forget to celebrate in all the hustle of author life.

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