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An Audio Experiment

An Audio Adventure

The publishing world is always changing.

When I received my first publishing contract six(ish) years ago, it was sent to me in the mail. Like with a stamp and envelope. True, by the time I actually got the contract, the publisher had gone belly up, so the paperwork was useless. But I doubt the snail mail was what did them in.

Now, everything is done digitally. Contracts, submissions, cover art―everything can be done by computer. Which is great! I love not having to leave my house and talk to humans.

But the industry is shifting again. This time into audio.

It makes sense. You can say, “Hey, Siri,” and have a world of information at your fingertips. We seek information with our voices and are given the response in an increasingly aural manner.

This goes beyond the standard “all authors should get into audiobooks,” which I am working on―there should be some truly exciting news coming on that front very soon. The word on the street (and by that, I mean all the digital places where I hang out) is that blogging is dying. Now, authors need vlogs and podcasts.

Yep. You need video and audio content to even appear as a tiny blip in the market.

Again, it makes sense. We’re all attached to our devices, and I’d rather listen to an article than try and read it on my phone screen. It’s the wave of the future, and I’m going to hop on it.

This month, I will be launching my podcast and YouTube channel. I still haven’t decided on a definite name, and I’m working on ironing out all the details. But it’s happening. It’s an awesome mix of daunting, terrifying, and exciting, but that’s the way pretty much all of being an author feels.

This blog isn’t going anywhere. There will be some fancy links to click in the near future, but you’ll still be able to stay up to date on my publishing adventure right here.

And what a glorious adventure it is.

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