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A Massive Sale

Living on the Edge

So…I did a thing.

To start the story off right, I have to begin with the Ena of Ilbrea series. Basically, I’m really excited about it.

The prequel, Wrath and Wing, will be out December 9th.

Wrath and Wing by Megan O'Russell

And book one, Ember and Stone, will be out December 26th.

Ember and Stone by Megan O'Russell

I really think readers are going to love Ena’s story, but that still leaves me faced with the age old problem of getting the word about Ena out to potential readers.

I have an awesome reader community who reads this blog, and a ton of people I can connect with through social media and my newsletter, but that still just leaves me talking to my little corner of the world.

And this is where I did a thing.

I was offered a chance by a big mailing list to have Girl of Glass: The Complete Collection featured at a sale price of 99¢, which is an absolutely insane discount.

As an author and, I’ll dare to say it, an artist, the idea of selling an entire series’ worth of books for less than a dollar is really hard for me to swallow. I honestly believe Nola’s story is worth more than that, hence the normal eBook price of $9.99.

But Girl of Glass: The Complete Collection would be finding its way into the hands of thousands of readers I would not otherwise be able to reach.

So I accepted the Girl of Glass: The Complete Collection 99¢ deal and added a chapter of Wrath and Wing into the back.

I know not everyone who reads Girl of Glass will read the chapter from Wrath and Wing, but some will, and that is worth doing a crazy discount.

If you haven’t grabbed your eBook of Girl of Glass: The Complete Collection yet, hop on over to your favorite retailer and do it before the price goes back to normal.

And don’t forget to read the chapter from Wrath and Wing tucked in the back. ;)

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