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A Hopeful Note

A Hopeful Note

Hello from sunny Florida!

I’ve hopped back into actor life with both feet and am currently rehearsing for a production of Kinky Boots.

(Don’t worry. Once I get my finale shoes, I'll share some pictures on Instagram.)

I won’t lie, balancing my edit load, writing, the business side of being an author, and learning a show is quite a tall order. I actually have harmony tracks playing in my ears as I write this post.

But it’s all worth it. Not just because I’m working in two careers I love. I’m also thrilled to be working on a show like Kinky Boots. I don’t think there’s ever a bad time for a message of inclusivity and appreciating people for who they are. But starting 2020 with a story about loving our fellows feels particularly important.

In my author world, I’m putting the final coat of polish on Mountain and Ash, book two in the Ena of Ilbrea series. I’m so excited to get this story of rising up from the bottom out to my readers.

I may be tired. I may be stressed. But I am starting 2020 out on a powerful and hopeful note.

Who could ask for anything more?

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