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Release Day Alert!

It's release day for Mountain and Ash, the second book in the Ena of Ilbrea series! (Click on the cover to order your copy.)

Mountain and Ash

The Guilds are not her only enemy.

Ena has pledged herself to the Black Bloods’ cause, spending months saving children from the grips of the Sorcerers Guild. But freedom demands a steeper price.

Following her heart has led Ena through danger and to a sanctuary she never dreamt existed. Surrounded by magic, a future free of blood and pain seem within her grasp. But hope and love have never been a part of her story.

As danger haunts her home, a powerful force demands her aid in murder. Refusing will endanger everyone she cares for―taking an innocent life is more than her soul can bear.

When death comes for Ena, will she lose her heart or her life?

I am beyond thrilled to share the next chapter in Ena's story with all of you. Writing Ena's adventures has been one of the most satisfying experiences I have had as an author, and I am very grateful to all the readers who have joined the journey.

If you haven't read book one, Ember and Stone, be sure to order your copy today!

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