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A Discount for the Self-Isolated

A Moment of Escape

There is too much going on in the world for me to muddy your day with a long blog post about staying positive while social distancing or how to keep your creative juices flowing when it feels like the world is starting to copy off the dystopian authors' playbook.

I don't have anything original to say about this mess.

All I can offer you is a chance to escape the madness for a little while.

I've discounted Ember and Stone to 99¢ (for a limited time) as my way of trying to soothe frayed nerves and ease the fear we're all feeling.

Ember and Stone

They should not have let me live.

There are beautiful and peaceful places in this world. There is magic hiding just out of sight. There are girls who find love and build happy homes.

I was not born into a life of such glories.

I am nothing but an orphan left at the mercy of the Guilds. They destroy our homes and steal our land. They murder us without consequence.

There can be no hope in a land the Guilds control.

I am tired of waiting to die, of waiting for the Guilds to kill everyone I love. But there are people willing to fight back, and I will join them.

A man with magic beyond my belief has given me a chance to change my fate. If the cost is murder, then I will bear the blood on my hands. I will become the nightmare the monsters dread.

They should not have let me live. I will watch them all burn.

Stay healthy. Stay positive. Stay strong.

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