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Book Release: Ice and Sky

New Beginnings. Epic Endings.

I am thrilled to announce the release of Ice and Sky, book three in the Ena of Ilbrea Series!

Ice and Sky by Megan O'Russell

Ice and Sky (Ena of Ilbrea, Book 3)

Ancient magic lurks in the shadows.

The Black Bloods’ home is more magnificent than Ena imagined, and more perilous than the life she fled.

The time has come for the Black Bloods to unite against the Guilds, but loyalties born in blood will be tested by fire. And not everyone she loves will survive the flames.

As murder and malice surround her, Ena must prove her innocence or risk a fate worse than death. Facing her enemies will test every friendship she has and risk the heart she has won.

There is no love strong enough to protect her from the path ahead…and the darkest night has yet to come.

Ena's story has been my first real series with absolutely no publisher involvement, and it has been an absolutely amazing experience.

I won't sugar coat it. Being in charge of every aspect of production, from hiring a cover artist to deciding how extensive I want the series to be, has been a daunting process. I love having the ability to make decisions, but then the weight all comes down on me if something gets missed or goes awry.

But getting to create this badass female character who never apologizes for her strength has been a dream. I've gotten to choose how her journey unfolds without anyone censoring me, and that has made me appreciate the process all the more.

Having book four in the series, Feather and Flame, be the end of Ena's journey is going to be hard. I have had the magnificent privilege of telling Ena's story, and a very large part of me doesn't want it to end.

But I owe her a good conclusion, and I owe my readers a strong series. The time to say goodbye is closing in, but right now, I'll just raise a glass to the joy of a brand new book release.

Haven't started the Ena of Ilbrea series? Follow this link to get your copy of Ember and Stone.

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