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An Epic Map for an Epic Tale

The Beauty of a Map

I love traveling. If I weren’t an author or an actor, I’d probably be a cruise director or a travel agent. One of my favorite stages of planning every trip is sitting down and staring at the map.

I want to absorb all the details of the places I’m going to visit.

The same goes for me in fantasy worlds. If there is a map in the front of a book, I will not skip over it. I will stare at that sucker, memorize every name, and already start wondering how they’re supposed to cross that massive desert planted right in the middle of everything.

Having a map made for one of my series has been a goal for a long time, and I am finally taking the plunge and committing to having a map of Ilbrea created.

Ena of Ilbrea is the first series in this world, but there will be others. I want this to be a massive world, where there are so many stories and details that readers really feel like they could travel the roads and know where they’re going.

My plan is to have several stand alone series that all contribute to one, epic main series. All of the series would be able to be read separately, allowing readers to jump in wherever they want. Or, if you wanted the full Ilbrean experience, you could go full out and devour the entire collection.

To make the world as real as possible for my readers, I want them to be able to visualize the game board I’m working on.

The easiest way for that to happen?

A beautiful and epic map.

I’m not sure when the map will be ready to be presented to the world. I’m handing the project over to a professional, so it will be a longer timeline, but I am so glad that this is finally happening.

I can’t wait to bring readers further into Ilbrea!

Haven’t started on Ena’s series? Follow this link, and begin your journey with Ember and Stone.

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