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An Honest Question

An Honest Question

I have an honest question for you.

When I was planning out my writing year way back in December, it was my intention to work on the next series that takes place in the world of Girl of Glass. The series is set in a different location and with a whole new cast of characters. I hinted at the series on the very, very last pages of the Girl of Glass Complete Collection, and I am really excited to get to spend time in this new place.

But...the books would still be dystopian/paranormal like Girl of Glass, and I don't know if that genre is the best after we've all been spending 2020 dealing with a pandemic.

Would diving back into the world of the domes be something you would look forward to OR should I jump into a contemporary fantasy heist with high stakes, drama, and a very non-dystopian feel?

Once Feather and Flame is released, I have a new secret book that's coming out and then I'm finishing the Bryant Adams series. Bryant is such a fun world, and I'm really excited to jump back into making weird magic happen.

But after that, which series would bring more joy to your fall: domes or thieves?

Are you looking for paranormal darkness or ballgowns and vengeance?

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