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Cover Reveal for Bryant Adams Book Three!

Three Simples Steps Cover Reveal

I am thrilled to share the cover for the third book in The Tale of Bryant Adams.

As much as I cherished my time with Ena, getting to jump back into the funny and magical Manhattan of Bryant's tale has been a real joy.

Magical mole people? Always fun.

Lying to your therapist about being a wizard? A great way to spend my morning writing time.

I won't lie and say that everything in Bryant's story is happy and funny, but stepping into his modern shoes has been a real treat.

Three Simple Steps to Wizarding Domination

Step One: Find the books stolen from the magical library Step Two: Steal back the books and bring them to New York Step Three: Declare wizarding domination

I feel like this is a pretty solid plan.

I'm probably wrong...

I will have more news coming soon (psst...It's about audio) and some sneak peaks for Inker and Crown.

In the meantime, if you happen to be plotting world domination, check out this episode of A Book and A Dream for my tips for building your perfect take over team.

Find the video here:

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