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Finding the Voice

Finding the Voice

Are you an audio person? An eBook person? Are you a paper book purist?

I've never really thought too much about how I consume my fiction content. But, in trying to figure out how to best serve my readers, I've had to take a very hard look at how I read.

Usually, I read in paperback for fiction, eBook for non-fiction, and listen to a few audio books a year while on roadtrips. I have a few podcasts I'm super devoted to, but those are my only real listening content I cling to every week.

Here's the thing. That's not the way all people work. I've had a lot of readers email, comment on posts, or speak to me in person, asking when the audio for my books is going to become available.

My answer has always been very much the same: I'm really hoping to get my books into audio soon.

Well, soon has arrived.

I've spent the last week polishing the audio for one book I'm self-narrating and auditioning narrators for two others.

Listening to massive amounts of people read my words in audition sides has been crazy, and after many hours of listening to samples, I am thrilled with the narrators I've found.

I'll be releasing more details about which books will be coming to audio and when very soon, and keep an eye on A Book and A Dream where I'll be giving the inside scoop on the narrator selection process.

In the meantime, however you enjoy your stories, happy reading!

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