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A Look Beyond the Pages

A Look Beyond the Pages

I'm a book geek.

I know you're not at all surprised by this.

One of my favorite things to geek out about is fantasy world building.

I love maps, backstories, scraps from ancient tomes... I want it all. Whatever information the author wants to offer, I will devour.

When I started writing in the world of Ilbrea and came to the realization that the world was going to end up being huge, I knew I wanted to create a page where I could share all the background details with readers instead of hoarding them in my computer files.

So, I am thrilled to share the new Ilbrea section of!

With a map, timeline, lexicon, and more, this page is where readers will be able to find all the details they need to dive headfirst into all things Ilbrea.

I'm beyond thrilled to have all the information laid out in such a reader-friendly way!


More will be added to the page as the series continues, so keep checking back for more goodies!

Thank you for being a part of Ilbrea and for trusting me to be your guide!

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