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Listen Past the White Noise

White Noise

This week has been absolute madness!

I'm in the final round of polishing for Three Simple Steps to Wizarding Domination, I proofed the audio files for Boy of Blood, and I'm neck-deep in edits on a project for my agent.

Also, I'm leash training two kittens.

Adventure Kitties!

All that being said, the only insight or advice that I have to offer at the moment is to hold on to the compliments you receive.

Even as someone who has major imposter syndrome and really struggles to take positive feedback, when you're stressing out about meeting deadlines, if your project is good enough, or if it's worth being exhausted from working so many hours, remembering that people genuinely appreciate your work can turn your whole day around.

My goal as an author is always to offer my readers an escape. And getting emails, reviews, or shout outs on social media about how I made someone laugh, or cry, or have to walk away from the book for a while because they were so mad at the characters, makes every moment I spend working worth it.

Focus on the people who appreciate what you're doing. The rest is white noise.

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