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A Long-Overdue Update

Step One: Have Rib Removed

Step Two: Survive the Holidays

Step Three: Scramble to Catch Up

Step Four: ...I'm still trying to figure that part out

But while I have an existential crisis about time speeding by while my work (because brain injuries suck) slows down, I wanted to take a moment to give two very important updates.

It's been so long since I've managed to post consistently (sorry😬), I never officially announced my new swag store or ebook shop. The swag store has some really cool Fracture Pact items and a beautifully printed map of Ilbrea. AND the Ilbrea selection will be expanding soon! So keep checking back for more goodies.

But, as much as I love swag, the more important part is really the eBook store.

Now, I know, there are plenty of eBook retailers, so why do I need to be able to sell eBooks directly to readers? I could fancy it up with ACOS and percentage of royalties, but it really comes down to control―stepping away from being controlled by the Zon while gaining control of my interactions with readers.

For a while now, the Zon has been shifting its algorithm more and more in favor of books enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited program. Since I am dedicated to continuing to reach my non-Zon readers, this means my books are being pushed aside. And it's not just me. A lot of indie authors are feeling the pressure from the Zon to step into their exclusivity contracts or accept being shoved to the back of the shelf.

The problem has gotten bad enough that even author gurus who only teach Zon advertising are recommending that all authors set up their own eBook stores and start selling direct.

These gurus make all their money teaching authors how to sell on the Zon but are telling authors to break out of the cycle of Zon exclusivity. That's huge.

While creating my eBook storefront and ensuring a streamlined, positive reader experience was time consuming, it was absolutely worth it.

By having my own site, I can offer amazing coupons and discounts without needing the approval of a big name retailer. I can update the content of my books to include sneak peeks of new books. And I even have the option of creating box sets that wouldn't be practical to offer anywhere else. *Ahem* Complete Ilbrea Collection *Ahem*

If you have a moment, hop on over to the eBook store. You can even download a free copy of Wrath and Wing to see how the Megan O'Russell eBook shop works!

I do have some other ridiculously exciting news to share, but it's not quite time yet. Now that I'm getting my feet back under me, I'll be posting on this blog more often, so keep an eye out, because the coming announcement is something you won't want to miss!

Best wishes for plenty of reading time from Mo.

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