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Never steal from an evil wizarding mastermind.

But if fate forces you into staging an international heist―

Rule 1: Get your story straight before trying to smuggle magical items through customs.

Rule 2: If you’re going to use a forged passport, make sure you trust the sketchy dude who made your papers.

Rule 3: Be familiar with the local laws BEFORE spells start flying.

Rule 4: Never trust cats. Soft and fluffy on the outside, evil killing machines on the inside.

Rule 5: Don’t think being an ocean away from home will keep your troubles from catching up to you. Some shadows, you can’t outrun.

This is the final installment of The Tale of Bryant Adams. Cheery triumph is not guaranteed.


Five Spellbinding Laws of International Larceny marks the end of The Tale of Bryant Adams and my twentieth book release!

The last two years have been a crazy ride, and I am so utterly thankful for all of my wonderful readers who have come along for this journey. You have made all the late nights worth it!

And the excitement doesn't stop with the end of Bryant's tale. I am thrilled to announce that the Ena of Ilbrea series will soon be available in one convenient package.

EBooks are going to be available on Saturday, but you can order paperbacks now!

I am in love with the cover and can't wait to see it on bookshelves and under Christmas trees!


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