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Finding the Light

Finding the Light

The official news came last week―theatres in my area are closed for the time being, and, most likely, the closure will last until spring. My current show closed, and my next contract was cancelled all within the span of about ten minutes.

While I hate for any stage to be dark, protecting people obviously has to take priority. But knowing closing theatres is a necessary step really doesn't make it an easier pill to swallow.

And I am far from being alone.

I'm one of the lucky ones. I write books, which is another amazing form of storytelling.

I have a safe place to hide out and two needy kittens who are much happier now that I'm not leaving the house.

I have books to work on to keep myself busy.

But not all actors are that lucky. Not all actors have another art form they can rely on to keep them sane, and most of them will have been off the stage for well over a year before theatres in the U.S. can be fully reopened. And a lot of theatres will never reopen.

Why bring this up on a blog that is clearly meant to focus on the author side of my life rather than the fake eyelashes and glitter madness?

Because it's the holidays. A time of year most theatre people spend busting their butts to provide holiday cheer for the masses, but this time, the theatre people are the ones who need the cheer.

If you know an actor, singer, dancer, musician, stage manager, costume designer, wardrobe mistress, lighting designer, spot op, sound operator, box office manager, front of house manager, usher, set carpenter, set designer...the list of who it takes to put on a show is so long, it would take forever to list everyone. If you know someone who has been forced out of theatre work this season, show them some extra love.

Send them a virtual hug, or a text message. Add them to your Christmas card list. Buy their art on Etsy, subscribe to their Youtube Channel, like their Facebook video, buy their book, donate to their theatre, send them cookies, whatever it is you can do to make the theatre folk feel loved during the most wonderful time of the year.

Usually, it's our job to bring you holiday magic. This year, we need you to send a bit of magic our way.


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