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Four Surefire Ways To Stop Rumination in Its Tracks

Rumination is the process of rethinking something traumatic more than is necessary. It's not something that most people do intentionally, but it happens if they don't have a strategy in place. The following are four tips you can use if you ever find yourself ruminating over something from your past:

Realize That You're in Control

Though you can't control which thoughts enter your mind, you can control which ones you entertain. Think of a traumatic event as a negative "entity" that demands your attention. If you entertain it, you will manufacture additional negative energy, and that's not what you want to do. Thus, you can choose not to give it the time of day.

Sometimes, you may have to say the words, "No, we are not doing that" or "No, we are not going there." You can even say that you reject that specific thought. The catch is that you may have to repeat the process for those stubborn thoughts that try to gain access numerous times.

Remind yourself that you are 100 percent safe now, and the traumatic event is over and done. Do the same thing if a new traumatic event comes your way in the future. Remind yourself that it's over and you are safe.

Take a Spiritual Approach

You may want to try prayer or meditation if you are a spiritual person. If you are, there's no time like the present to call out to your higher power or close both your eyes and focus on your happy place. Concentrate on whatever that is for you and continue to do it until you push the negative thought out of your personal space.

Dig Into a Good Book

You can use various types of entertainment to get your mind off negative thoughts. For instance, you can watch a movie or play some of your favorite music. Getting deep into a good book can help you as well. Select something engaging, such as an adult fantasy or romance novel. You'll be so focused on the characters and how their stories progress that you won't have any time for those persistent thoughts.

Do Something You Love

Lastly, do something that you are highly passionate about. For example, if you're a musician, this will be the perfect time to get caught up in singing or song creation. If you're a visual artist, it might be time to whip out the paints or grab your mobile phone to take some shots. Use this time to create something that expresses how empowered you are over your thoughts and emotions. Remember that you're the boss inside your own mind, and you get to choose which information gets a slot in your headspace. Make your song about winning against negativity, and you will soon become more than a conqueror.

Those are some strategies you can use if you would like to stop experiencing rumination. It will take some practice if you are untrained, but eventually, you'll be able to stop those thoughts whenever the "wind" blows them at you.


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