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Here, There Be Trolls

TLDR Trolls suck, readers are awesome, the writing community is awesome, don't miss your sneak peek of The Cursebound Thief.

Now, let's dive into the Great Troll Drama of 2022.

A little over a week ago, I had to (very sadly) cancel the contract with the audiobook narrators I had hired for The Cursebound Thief. There were issues with missed deadlines, unproofed files submitted as finished, and some other unfortunate incidents.

Because the narrators had failed to maintain their end of the contract, canceling was...shockingly easy. Like a three-minute phone call to ACX easy. 😱 But then the trolls came for The Cursebound Thief.

*Dramatic music begins*

One of the narrators has a very strong Twitch and Twitter fan base and, through one of his videos, gave his followers all the information they needed to find me and The Cursebound Thief.

Fake Review for The Cursebound Thief

Why would someone go through the trouble of creating accounts just to trash a book that hasn't been released yet?

To tank the rating of the book and drive readers away before The Cursebound Thief even has a chance to succeed.

Not going to lie, I was completely devastated. I had done my best to give the narrators time to succeed, and my trying to be kind bit me in the a**.

I posted a video explaining where the trolls had come from. I was just trying to salvage what I could of this book release.

I never expected the amount of support I would receive from the book community on social media.

Over 20,000 views

Thousands of people have rallied to snatch The Cursebound Thief away from the trolls and send it soaring in the Amazon charts!

The Cursebound Thief Soars on Amazon

The wave of support has been absolutely amazing. And, while being trolled is terrible, the book community coming together to beat the bullies back has fortified my faith in humanity.

The good people in this world really do outnumber the bad, and the strength of my supporters is astounding! I'm not sure what I did to deserve this many people coming to my defense, but I will always be grateful. 🥰

I'm still on the lookout for another troll attack, but for the moment, we are winning.

In celebration, I wanted to share a sneak peek of The Cursebound Thief. Follow this link to download your sample and begin your adventure now!

I just hope when you save the world, you can find a way to make it a better place than it was before. ~Ari Love

Thank you for your support. Whether you preordered The Cursebound Thief, sent a word of encouragement, or just read this post, please know that I am truly grateful!


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