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Release Day for Ash of Ages!

It's book release day for Ash of Ages! The Heart of Smoke series is now complete!


Ash of Ages (Heart of Smoke, Book Four)

One choice will change the world.

The Incorporation promised its people safety as they waited out the apocalypse. The Incorporation lied.

With the torment of Project Progeny wreaking havoc inside the domes, a single chance for freedom offers Lanni more hope than she’d dared to dream of. A life outside the glass without the threat of starvation or violence. A place where Mari can be safe. A love that can heal Lanni’s shattered heart.

But happily ever after must be bought with blood.

Will the cost of paradise be more than Lanni can pay?


Releasing the final book in the series always feels like a bitter triumph. I finished writing the story...but now my time with those characters is done. 😭

All good things must come to an end―even Lanni's tale.

I would like to give a huge thank you to all the readers who've joined Lanni on her journey. You make all the hours at my computer worth it!

Happy reading!


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