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Searching for Balance

Searching for Balance

Finding the balance between ambition and quality of life has never been my strong suit. I'm the type who pushes as hard as humanly possible until they collapse into a pile of useless goo and have to recover for a week before they can function.

Not the best way to work, I know.

But my body has been asking me to consider my choices more carefully, and the pandemic taught me to place a higher value on my time. When you're working until you break, it's hard to see beyond the mountain of tasks in front of you. When a crisis makes you stop, you have a chance to see outside the work-until-you-drop routine.

Trying to find a way to move forward in my career as an author while going back to the theatre and maintaining some form of a life as a person outside my work is going to be an...interesting challenge.

I'm not a time or stress management guru. I have no clue how I'm going to make everything fit into my life, but I have created a list of priorities.

I will:

-Make time to do exercise that brings me joy.

-Get a healthy amount of sleep at night.

-Do at least one activity a week that brings me joy.

-Create a sustainable publishing plan (I can sense my husband laughing at that one).

-Grow more confident saying no to situations that don't serve me.

-Learn to outsource publishing tasks that don't need to be done by me.

-Spend more time snuggling my adorable and needy cats.

Again, I have no idea how I'm going to make this all fit into the same amount of hours I've been working with. But I know the changes I want to make, and I think that's a strong place to start.

Cheers to a healthier and happier balance!


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