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The Cursebound Thief

Sneak peek time!

The Cursebound Thief is perfect for fans of Six of Crows and Heist Society, and I am thrilled to share the first chapter with you!

The Cursebound Thief (Fracture Pact, Book One)



You are hereby invited to a heist of the highest order. Danger, deception, and the salvation of the feu are promised to those who commit to attendance.

Please R.S.V.P. at your earliest convenience,



Sounds thrilling. Who could say no to a party that delivers salvation?

Are you sending a car?



I’m coming to you. Need your help collecting a partygoer before you fly east.

In the meantime, bring our boy home.


Chapter One

Jerek squeezed the bridge of his nose between his knuckles, closing his eyes as he waited for his computer to ding with Ari’s response.

The first rumble of a spring storm shook the windowpanes. He didn’t spare the glass a glance. The house would hold against any storm. The roof would stay sturdy even as everything else crumbled.

Minutes ticked past. An ache crept up the back of Jerek’s neck. He stared at the red-stoned ring on his left hand, trying to distract himself from the gnawing pain in his head. His bag was packed, the plane tickets bought―the time for turning back had long since passed.

A faint mew carried up from the floor as a furry head pounded against his ankle.

“You can’t come, Cas,” Jerek said. “Cats and burglary don’t go well together. You’ll have to stay behind.”

Casanova dug his claws into Jerek’s calf.

“I promise I’m sending you someplace nice.” Jerek shut his eyes and kneaded his temples. “The height of cat luxury. You’ll never even think of missing your life here.”

Jerek opened his eyes to find the white cat sprawled across his keyboard.

Purring rumbled in Casanova’s chest.

“I understand.” Jerek scratched between the cat’s ears. “But we both know there’s no other choice.”

The computer dinged.


He’s on his way. To your house by morning. Maree aren’t happy. Don’t think they’re just going to send him to you and forget about it. There will be hell to pay for this.


“Hear that, Cas?” Jerek lifted the cat off the keyboard. “Our brave knight Lincoln is finally coming home.”

Jerek kissed the cat on the top of the head before setting him down on the armchair beside the library’s fireplace.

No fire crackled in the grate.

He pushed aside the imagined chill that lapped at his neck and allowed himself one long moment to look around the room.

The shelves were packed with texts that held information many would kill to possess. The records and files that didn’t need to be hidden had been sorted into an order that would be easy for others to interpret. The pictures of his family had been dusted and perfectly aligned on the mantle.

“Don’t mind the sound, Cas. It’ll be over soon.”

Taking the box of matches from mantle, Jerek walked through the front door and out into the rain. He didn’t need to bother with placing any charges―he’d already run the fuse right up to the stone steps of the entryway.

He touched a match to the fuse and went back inside, not bothering to stay and watch the black car explode. There was too much to be done. Windows to destroy. Glass to scatter.

This was only the beginning of the necessary chaos. Saving everything he loved would require much greater sacrifices than wreaking havoc on his own home.

Jerek Holden didn’t even flinch as the boom of the explosion shook the floor beneath his feet.


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