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Books To Read After Percy Jackson

Megan O'Russell Offers Various Young Adult Fantasy Novels for the Percy Jackson Fan

The young adult fantasy novel genre is a popular one that is loved by readers all over the world. While there are various book series to choose from, one of the most popular has been the Percy Jackson series of novels. For those that loved the Percy Jackson book series, finding a new series to move on to can seem like a challenge. When you are looking for books to read after Percy Jackson, the young adult fantasy novels written by Megan O'Russell are great options to consider.

One of the reasons that the Percy Jackson books were so popular is that they combine many important features for any book series, including having great characters, a fun combination of fantasy and adventure, and a storyline set in an exciting world. When looking for a new book series to enjoy, you will find many of the same features in the stories written by Megan O'Russell, especially How I Magically Messed Up My Life in Four Freakin' Days, Book One in The Tale of Bryant Adams series.

Bryant is a regular teenage boy living in Manhattan. Well, maybe not entirely "regular." Bryant's mom is the acting teacher at his high school, his dad has more money than most banks do, his best friend is completely awesome, and the girl he has a crush on is totally out of his league. But then, Bryant finds a magical cellphone in the back of a cab, and his world is turned upside-down.


Today, Megan O'Russell offers various book series and novels that you can enjoy. The books and novel series she has written include Girl of Glass, Heart of Smoke, and the Tethering series. These books and others written by her, will explore teens and young adults that are trying to grow and come of age in a dystopian fantasy world. They often include stories of romance, fantasy, adventure, and action to keep a young reader excited to read more.

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