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Girl of Glass
Girl of Glass (Girl of Glass #1)


Two worlds. One glass wall. No turning back.


The human race has been divided. The chosen few live in the safety of the domes, watching through their glass walls as those left on the outside suffer and die. But desperation has brought invention. New drugs have the ability to alter humans, giving them the strength to roam the poisoned night unafraid—but survival comes at a terrible price.


Seventeen-year-old Nola Kent has spent her life in the domes, training to protect her little piece of the world within the glass. The mission of the domes is to preserve the human race, not to help the sick and starving.


When the fate of an outsider child falls into her hands, Nola dares to venture beyond the security of her home, diving into a world of darkness and vampires. Life within the glass didn’t prepare her for the realities of suffering or the depth of forbidden love.


When blood washes over the domes, Nola must choose between her home and her heart.

Boy of Blood
Boy of Blood (Girl of Glass #2)


The price of a lie will be paid in blood.


Nightland’s attack shattered the safety of the domes, leaving dead to be burned and debts to be settled. As the Domers struggle to rebuild, Nola tries to forget everything she learned beyond the glass walls. The people on the outside aren’t hers to save. There is nothing left for them but pain and death. Nola’s life will continue trapped in the domes, Jeremy by her side.


When the chaos of the city reaches the glass, the line between murder and protection blurs, leaving Nola with only one terrible chance for survival.

domes? Will the dangers of the night become her new sanctuary?

Boy of Blood
Night of Never
Night of Never (Girl of Glass #3)


The world is ending. The fight for survival has only begun.

Good and evil have vanished, leaving only power and death in the outside world. As fire and blood rain down on the city, a new foe appears amongst the flames. One who will stop at nothing to create the future the domes have dreamt of.


Those who have managed to survive beyond the reach of the domes are left with a terrible choice: to hide in safety, or fight against the monsters who slaughter without mercy.

Night of Never
Son of Sun
Son of Sun (Girl of Glass #4)


The ruins of the city hide secrets Nola never imagined and danger she can’t escape.


The domes seek to destroy anyone who might disturb their perfect sanctuary. They’ll watch the world crumble from behind their glass walls. But the world isn’t ready to die.


With the strength of Nightland and the ferocity of those left to suffer, the final battle begins.


Survival requires sacrifice, and the time has come for Nola to pay the cost.

Son of Sun
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