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Inker and Crown
Inker and Crown (Guilds of Ilbrea, Book One)

Ilbrea: A magnificent country that offers fame to those brave enough to seize their place among the Guilds—no one has worked harder to find their scrap of glory than Adrial Ayres. But being a prodigy and the Lord Scribe’s heir won’t be enough to find the secrets the Guilds would kill to hide. Adrial can’t face the dangers of hidden magic alone…


A sailor with a taste for adventure.
A soldier whose heart has been claimed.
A beauty they will never suspect.
A map maker with secrets of their own.
An inker who will change Adrial’s life forever.


The Guilds offer glory. The truth promises death. Adrial might be the only one who can save Ilbrea—if he can survive the shadows long enough to discover his true enemy.

Myth and Storm
Myth and Storm (Guilds of Ilbrea, Book Two)

A failed rebellion will cost more than blood.


Ice, storms, sorcery, and pain separate the Karrons from those they hold most dear. With his family scattered across the farthest reaches of Ilbrea, Adrial stands alone in a capital on the brink of flames, facing the dark truth of the Guilds he cherished.


Murder disguised as law.
Assassins veiled by beauty.
Innocents sacrificed to vile pride.
A deadly plot to twist the fate of a kingdom.


With each discovery, the danger grows. Enemies lurk in the shadows, and the call for freedom will not be silenced. The future of his Guild hangs in the balance, and Adrial must choose between saving the one he loves and protecting the world he’s known.

Myth and Storm
Viper and Steel
Viper and Steel (Guilds of Ilbrea, Book Three)

Prisoner. Traitor. Murderer. Thief.


The fate of Ilbrea has fallen into unlikely hands. As lethal forces converge on Ilara, the path chosen by the Karron clan will have consequences that can’t be undone.


A love that will be lost forever.
A vow that can’t be broken.
A magic that was born of myths.
A death that will shape the coming battle.


The bond between the Guilds has been broken, and powerful enemies have been unleashed. Will the cost of freedom be steeper than the Karron clan can endure?

Viper and Steel
Tower and Grave
Tower and Grave
Tower and Grave (Guilds of Ilbrea, Book Four)

In death their legend grows.


The battle for Ilbrea’s soul has long been fought in the shadows, but as the sorcerers’ control of the Guilds is tested, deadly secrets will force the Karron Clan into a war none can ignore.


One will reclaim their heart.
Two will alter the fate of a kingdom.
One will be lost forever.


As chaos descends on Ilara, the faith of a legend will face the might of the Sorcerers Guild, changing the fate of the Karron Clan.

Siege and Sparrow
Siege and Sparrow
Siege and Sparrow (Guilds of Ilbrea, Book Five)

For the children beloved by the mountain shall be protected by her stone.


The northerly wind carries the scent of blood, dragging secrets from the shadows and tearing allies apart. But the danger growing within the Guilds cannot be ignored, and the grief of a good man is fierce enough to crack the foundation of a mighty kingdom.

A queen seeks justice.
A lover vows vengeance.
A legend is reborn.


As the battle for Ilara begins, fate calls the Karrons home to face the enemies none can survive alone.

Map of Ilbrea
Ember and Stone
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