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Wrath and Wing
The Beginning of the   Ena of Ilbrea Series

Home, love, safety. They are all a lie.


Healing is a hanging offense, and Ena is done risking her neck to watch her patients die. Fleeing a future of blood and death, Ena braves the dark unknown. Life taught her the cruelty of the world. But she never imagined the dangers of her journey.


As evil surrounds her, Ena is threatened with a fate worse than the one she escaped. Legends and dark magic stand between her and the future she dreams of. A future that will cost more than pain.


When innocent lives depend on her mercy, Ena must face an enemy with the power to set the sky on fire.


A life of romance and adventure wait for Ena, if she can survive the road ahead…

Ember and Stone
Ember and Stone
Ember and Stone (Ena of Ilbrea, Book One)

Ena never hoped for a peaceful life. She never dreamt she’d become a killer either.

After her home is reduced to ash, Ena is swallowed by a world of secrets and magic. Legends warned of dark shadows hiding in the mountains. They didn’t warn of the dangers of falling in love with a myth.


When a stranger with sorcery in his blood gives Ena a glimpse of a life she didn’t know she longed for, a beautiful future seems within reach.


But hope demands a heavy price.


Slay a monster, or risk returning to the world that nearly destroyed her.


To survive the battle ahead, Ena must become the assassin her enemies never meant to create.

Mountain and Ash
Mountain and Ash  (Ena of Ilbrea, Book Two)

The Guilds are not her only enemy.

Ena has pledged herself to the Black Bloods’ cause, spending months saving children from the grips of the Sorcerers Guild. But freedom demands a steeper price.


Following her heart has led Ena through danger and to a sanctuary she never dreamt existed. Surrounded by magic, a future free of blood and pain seem within her grasp. But hope and love have never been a part of her story.


As danger haunts her home, a powerful force demands her aid in murder. Refusing will endanger everyone she cares for―taking an innocent life is more than her soul can bear.


When death comes for Ena, will she lose her heart or her life?

Mountain and Ash
Ice and Sky
Ice and Sky
Ice and Sky (Ena of Ilbrea, Book Three)

Ancient magic lurks in the shadows.

The Black Bloods’ home is more magnificent than Ena imagined, and more perilous than the life she fled.


The time has come for the Black Bloods to unite against the Guilds, but loyalties born in blood will be tested by fire. And not everyone she loves will survive the flames.


As murder and malice surround her, Ena must prove her innocence or risk a fate worse than death. Facing her enemies will test every friendship she has and risk the heart she has won.


There is no love strong enough to protect her from the path ahead…and the darkest night has yet to come.

Feather and Flame
Feather and Flame
Feather and Flame (Ena of Ilbrea, Book Four)

Some battles cannot be won.

The time has come to fight.
There are no allies left.
There is nothing but flames ahead.
The end has arrived.

Map of Ilbrea
Inker and Crown
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