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Popular Book Series For Teens

Enjoy Popular Dystopian Book Series Written by Megan O'Russell

Nothing is better than being able to enjoy a fun and exciting book series that you cannot put down. For teens and young adults, popular book series are able to encourage a lifelong passion for reading that will allow them to explore new interests and continue to learn. When looking for a popular book series for teens, there are various options to consider. One author who has continued to put out an exciting line of books is Megan O'Russell.

One of the most popular genres in fiction books and film has continued to be storylines that take place in dystopian environments. These are often popular as they create an unimaginable world that comes with challenges seemingly insurmountable to people today. Readers will continue to love the popular dystopian book series in which they follow their beloved characters as they try to lead their lives in these new surroundings. Megan O'Russell has continued to write a variety of dystopian series that are popular with readers of all ages.


When you are looking for a popular line of dystopian books, some of the most popular series provided by Megan O'Russell include the Girl of Glass and Heart of Smoke book series. Each of these series has multiple novels within them, which will ensure you will have great reading material for months ahead. These books take place in fascinating worlds and environments and will allow young readers to grow up with the main characters as they face a multitude of trials and tribulations. These books are available in many online and traditional book stores including through Barnes and Noble and Apple Books.

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