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Young Adult Books

Escape into Adventure  with Young Adult Book Collections Written by Megan O'Russell

Reading books is not only fun―it also continues to be important for people of all ages. This is particularly true for teens and young adults who are still developing new interests and mastering their reading skills. Those who are looking for a new set of books for young adults should review the collections written by Megan O'Russell―an author renowned for her prolific storylines, well-rounded characters, and detailed universes.

When looking for young adult books, Megan O'Russell has many options for you to consider. One of the most popular series that Megan O'Russell has created is the Girl of Glass series. This series of books includes four separate novels that follow a unique, paranormal storyline set in a dystopian world. This series follows a teenage girl that is learning to live in this new world where the human race has been abruptly separated. While she grew up in the relative safety of a dome-covered environment, she continues to seek out adventure and love in the world outside it.

The young adult paranormal romance genre has been a popular one in books, movies, and films for the past couple of decades. For those that enjoy this genre, Megan O'Russell is a great author to follow. Beyond the Girl of Glass series, she has also written The Fracture Pact series, The Chronicles of Maggie Trent, and other book series that focus on teens growing up in different environments while also having a focus on the supernatural. These books can prove to be quite exciting and provide something for anyone that wants a thrilling read that they cannot put down.

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