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Artists I Love

Sleepy Fox Studio

Kelly at Sleepy Fox Studio has created the vast majority of my ebook, paperback, and audiobook covers. She has an incredible knack for taking my occasionally rambling requests and spinning them into magic.

Sleepy Fox.jpeg
Ember and Stone.jpg

Samiaya Art

Samaiya took one of my fan favorite characters, Ena, and brought her to life in a way I had never dreamt possible. She also created the blueprint and garden map for my YA Urban Fantasy Heist series Fracture Pact.

Samaiya Art.jpg

Ricky Gunawan

The books within the world of Ilbrea are my most beloved. Political intrigue, elemental magic, rebellions, and a dash of romance flesh out this epic fantasy realm. One of the groups followed in the series is the Map Makers Guild, and Ricky's creation exceeds what all but the greatest of Ilbrea's map makers could accomplish. I am so fortunate to have found him, as well as the other amazing artists I work with!

Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 9.00_edited.jpg
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