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Welcome to Ilbrea―a fantasy world ruled by the iron fist of the seven Guilds.

Ilbrea is currently home to two series―Ena of Ilbrea and Guilds of Ilbrea. As of now, there are five more series planned within this world.

Ena of Ilbrea is a tale in four parts, told from the point-of-view of an orphan commoner, Ena Ryeland, as she journeys from her small hometown of Harane into the depths of the eastern mountains to join the legendary group of rebels known as the Black Bloods.

The Guilds of Ilbrea, which takes place a year after Ena's story, follows prominent members of four of the seven Guilds―Sailors, Soldiers, Map Makers, and Scribes. Adrial Ayres, heir to the Lord Scribe and the focal point of this portion of Ilbrea's story, must work with his found family to discover the true enemy of the Guilds and the people of Ilbrea before it's too late.

Map of Ilbrea
The Wheel of Ilbrean Series
View the Books of Ilbrea
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Ilbrean Lexicon
Definition of the word Paun
Definition of the word Rotta
Definition of the word Tilk
Definition of the word Laxe
Definition of the word Chivving
Definition of the word Slitch
Definition of the word Getch
Definition of the word Cact
Definition of the word Chamb
Definition of the word Frie
Definition of the word Petal Whore
Guilds of Ilbrea.png
The Royal Willoc Family
The Sorcerers Guild
The Soldiers Guild
The Map Makers Guild
The Sailors Guild
The Healers Guild
The Scribes Guild
Books of Ilbrea.png
Wrath and Wing.jpg
Ember and Stone
Mountain and Ash
Ice and Sky
Feather and Flame
Inker and Crown
Myth and Storm
GoI3 VIPER AND STEEL ebook-500x750.jpeg
Tower and Grave (HiDef)
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