A Book and A Dream Episode 58


Megan: [00:00:02] Now, the fact that the two videos that have gotten strangely big on TikTok for me are one about boobs and one about saying [bleep] seems to say a whole lot about me as a person.

A Book and A Dream Episode 57


Megan: [00:00:01] I'm not a therapist, I didn't write a book to help teens with their emotional issues. Bryant has emotional issues. He's not a character who should be leading anyone's therapy session. This is a bad idea.

A Book and A Dream Episode 56


Megan: [00:00:00] But if you do figure out that you have actually offended members of some community, members of your own community perhaps, then don't be [bleep]. Take it out of your book. It's not that hard.

A Book and A Dream Episode 55


Megan: [00:00:00] I'm going to have a glass of wine.


Chris: [00:00:02] Mmmhmm.


Megan: [00:00:02] It is evening as I record this, so don't worry-


Chris: [00:00:05] [Laughs.]


Megan: [00:00:05] -that is socially acceptable.


Chris: [00:00:07] This isn't like 2020 "I'm having a glass of wine because it's 2020."


Megan: [00:00:11] No, it's twenty 2021.


Chris: [00:00:13] Yes.


Megan: [00:00:13] We now try and be socially acceptable.

A Book and A Dream Episode 54

Megan: [00:00:00] So, my whole planner for 2020 is just a mass of, like, angrily erased things, so, you know, only write things in pen if they really have to happen to keep you alive.

A Book and A Dream Episode 53

Megan: [00:00:01] I'm not someone who usually deals with writer's block, knock on fake IKEA painted wood shelf. I don't think there's any real wood in there, but we'll count it. It's good. It's good.

A Book and A Dream Episode 52

Megan: [00:00:02] How does the government...


Mo the Cat: [00:00:03] *Mewing and Meowing*


Megan: [00:00:10] Should I take it from the beginning of that?

A Book and A Dream Episode 51

Megan: [00:00:02] I did stuff. Look at me doing stuff. I guess I've accomplished something with my life. I don't know, like it, it feels weird to feel accomplished.

A Book and A Dream Episode 50

Megan: [00:00:01] Because as an author, you don't know, ever, when something, one statement, one quote, one paragraph, a character, is going to become so important to a reader that they are going to start interpreting the events in their life through that lens.

A Book and A Dream Episode 49

Megan: [00:00:01] You got a YA book so you could listen to it in the car with your teenagers and you get ten minutes in and you're like, wow, that is a very graphic description of some genitalia.

A Book and A Dream Episode 48

Megan: [00:00:01] I get to choose who lives, who dies, what they say on their way to death. Do I want to make my audience cry or do I want to be kind to them for once? And that's so liberating.

A Book and A Dream Episode 47

Megan: [00:00:02] The cat is back, if you hear any weird mic thumping, she's trying to bite the mic. She's biting the mic. This is my life. Yep, that's happening.

A Book and A Dream Episode 46

Megan: [00:00:02] We really want to do this hike. We've heard it's epic, are the trails clear and the park ranger said yes, but the park ranger was a liar.

A Book and A Dream Episode 45

Megan: [00:00:00] Hello, and welcome to episode forty-five of A Book and a Dream. Now, just a few days ago, I had the opportunity to interview Suzanne van Rooyen, who is the author of I Heart Robot, Obscura Burning, Scardust, and The Other Me.

A Book and A Dream Episode 44

Megan: [00:00:02] In her honor, we are going to talk about women in fiction and in a very special way because, you know, women belong in every room where decisions are being made.

A Book and A Dream Episode 43

Megan: [00:00:02] None of us knows what's coming tomorrow anymore, who it could be, aliens, you know, the Loch Ness Monster could have bonded with Godzilla and they're going to come and kill us all. Who knows?

A Book and A Dream Episode 42

Megan: [00:00:02] I have gotten people from point A to point B where it's utterly impossible, I have figured out how to actually round off a love triangle in a way that makes sense.

A Book and A Dream Episode 41

Victoria: [00:00:02] Well, I always tell people that I refuse to answer this on the grounds that my head might explode.


Megan: [00:00:07] And that is a perfectly logical answer, except that.

A Book and A Dream Episode 40

Megan: [00:00:01] You're going to have to have two different sets of social media accounts and newsletters, and you should have two different pen names if they're going to be that different, because you don't want some mom giving them the dirty book to the little kid, like...

A Book and A Dream Episode 39

Megan: [00:00:01] She is going to be in charge of all social media promotions, I have big dreams for her. She's also probably going to be like the head of Broadway one day. Seriously, I have big dreams for my cat.

A Book and A Dream Episode 38

Megan: [00:00:01] One of the things that I've noticed is that we've gotten even bigger on group binge events. You can't even, like, go past Tiger King before you have to just admit that this is real.

A Book and A Dream Episode 37

Megan: [00:00:02] Sometimes you just have to kill people to keep the plot moving on. It happens. It's horrible. So long to our favorite characters. We're really sorry you were lost along the way.

A Book and A Dream Episode 36

Megan: [00:00:02] And take a look at how much unspoken privilege and generational wealth we actually take advantage of in the narratives we hear every day.

A Book and A Dream Episode 35

Megan: [00:00:01] You don't know if you're gonna have to prove to people that you're a magician or fake being a magician. You know, one or the other. Whatever your situation may be.


Megan: [00:00:08] And a lighter and some flash paper could go a long way in convincing them that you're powerful and they should not mess with you.

A Book and A Dream Episode 34

Megan: [00:00:03] I've been banned from choosing lawful good characters. Apparently, if you are lawful good, you're not supposed to torture people.


Mark: [00:00:08] It's somewhat frowned upon, but...


Megan: [00:00:12] So.

A Book and A Dream Episode 33

Megan: [00:00:03] If you're still looking for your true love in life, maybe check their Photoshop qualifications, because it turns out sometimes that's, like, real useful.

A Book and A Dream Episode 32

Megan: [00:00:03] How did you have time to do that? Are you just like sitting in your recording booth waiting for something to pop up? How is this even possible? But it is. And she did.

A Book and A Dream Episode 31

Megan: [00:00:03] If you could only recommend one book, which would you choose?


Lydia: [00:00:09] I hate this question. This is such...


Megan: [00:00:10] I know. Everyone does. That's why I ask.

A Book and A Dream Episode 30

Megan: [00:00:02] Maybe just, like, comb through your old computer files and see if you've written any books you've forgotten about, because there could be some real gems in there.

A Book and A Dream Episode 29


Megan: [00:00:02] No. You don't get to do that right now. We're taking over the world. Calm down. Eat a cookie.

A Book and A Dream Episode 28

Megan: [00:00:02] Maybe you don't cover what happens with illegitimate children in middle grade books normally. Anyway, that's a different story.

A Book and A Dream Episode 27

Megan: [00:00:03] Now, if you choose something super weird, like spider shifters, you may not reach an audience, and that's your choice.

A Book and A Dream Episode 26

[00:00:03] Don't be shocked that I don't know the title. I never know the title of what I'm reading unless it's like one word. I don't know. I'm weird like that.

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