A Book and A Dream Episode 37

Megan: [00:00:02] Sometimes you just have to kill people to keep the plot moving on. It happens. It's horrible. So long to our favorite characters. We're really sorry you were lost along the way.

A Book and A Dream Episode 36

Megan: [00:00:02] And take a look at how much unspoken privilege and generational wealth we actually take advantage of in the narratives we hear every day.

A Book and A Dream Episode 35

Megan: [00:00:01] You don't know if you're gonna have to prove to people that you're a magician or fake being a magician. You know, one or the other. Whatever your situation may be.


Megan: [00:00:08] And a lighter and some flash paper could go a long way in convincing them that you're powerful and they should not mess with you.

A Book and A Dream Episode 34

Megan: [00:00:03] I've been banned from choosing lawful good characters. Apparently, if you are lawful good, you're not supposed to torture people.


Mark: [00:00:08] It's somewhat frowned upon, but...


Megan: [00:00:12] So.

A Book and A Dream Episode 33

Megan: [00:00:03] If you're still looking for your true love in life, maybe check their Photoshop qualifications, because it turns out sometimes that's, like, real useful.

A Book and A Dream Episode 32

Megan: [00:00:03] How did you have time to do that? Are you just like sitting in your recording booth waiting for something to pop up? How is this even possible? But it is. And she did.

A Book and A Dream Episode 31

Megan: [00:00:03] If you could only recommend one book, which would you choose?


Lydia: [00:00:09] I hate this question. This is such...


Megan: [00:00:10] I know. Everyone does. That's why I ask.

A Book and A Dream Episode 30

Megan: [00:00:02] Maybe just, like, comb through your old computer files and see if you've written any books you've forgotten about, because there could be some real gems in there.

A Book and A Dream Episode 29


Megan: [00:00:02] No. You don't get to do that right now. We're taking over the world. Calm down. Eat a cookie.

A Book and A Dream Episode 28

Megan: [00:00:02] Maybe you don't cover what happens with illegitimate children in middle grade books normally. Anyway, that's a different story.

A Book and A Dream Episode 27

Megan: [00:00:03] Now, if you choose something super weird, like spider shifters, you may not reach an audience, and that's your choice.

A Book and A Dream Episode 26

[00:00:03] Don't be shocked that I don't know the title. I never know the title of what I'm reading unless it's like one word. I don't know. I'm weird like that.

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