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Procrastination Post

I’m in a bit of a writing rut.

I need to be working on the final book in the Girl of Glass series. In fact, I am actively procrastinating by typing this blog instead of moving over to the other open document, which is the manuscript.

I can write it. I know what the story is going to be.

I should write it. There’s no reason not to.

There’s just something about starting the final book in a series. There are goodbyes to be said. Characters to kill. Loose ends to tie up in a pretty little bow.

So I’ve started to convince myself that maybe I need a novella between the second and third books in the series. Just a little something to flesh out where a set of characters disappeared to. Maybe introduce a new love angle for a secondary character.

It might be a good idea. It could be an interesting thing for the readers. Or…it could just be me procrastinating. Right now, I’m trying to think of more things to say in this blog so I don’t have to go over and decide the fate of some people.

That’s the problem with dystopian: not everybody gets to live.

Maybe I’ll work on a nice romance next. Where it’s super obvious that everything is going to turn out well from the beginning, but you read it anyway just to go on the journey of love.

Okay. I’ll go write now.

Right after I make a Canva image to go with this post. I have to make an image to go with this post. So that doesn’t count as procrastination.


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