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Viper and Steel is Here!

It's book release day for Viper and Steel, book three in the Guilds of Ilbrea series!


Prisoner. Traitor. Murderer. Thief.

The fate of Ilbrea has fallen into unlikely hands. As lethal forces converge on Ilara, the path chosen by the Karron clan will have consequences that can’t be undone.

A love that will be lost forever. A vow that can’t be broken. A magic that was born of myths. A death that will shape the coming battle.

The bond between the Guilds has been broken, and powerful enemies have been unleashed. Will the cost of freedom be steeper than the Karron clan can endure?


If you haven't started the Guilds of Ilbrea series yet, now is the perfect time. Book one, Inker and Crown is free to download from your favorite eBook retailer for a limited time.

AND, I am thrilled to present the cover for book four in the series, Tower and Grave!

Thank you for joining me on this epic Ilbrean journey!


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