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Attention: Free Book Swag! 😱

Who loves free swag?

Well, you're in luck, because I have some drool-worthy preorder incentives for The Cursebound Thief!

All you have to do is preorder The Cursebound Thief and submit your receipt. Then I'll send you two character cards.

(The Cursebound Thief eBook is only 99¢ to preorder, so that's basically the best deal ever.)

AND if you preorder the paperback, you get two character cards, a signed bookplate, and a blueprint of the Museum of Magic.

To preorder The Cursebound Thief, follow this link to be taken to your favorite retailer.

Don't forget, you can also preorder The Cursebound Thief paperbacks through your favorite local bookstore.

If Google forms aren't your thing, you can also email your preorder receipt to:

Since the swag incentive is for preorders only, I'd love your help spreading the word so as many people as possible can claim their goodies.

I would be so grateful if you'd share the graphic and text (or even just the link) posted below!


Are you ready for the heist of the century? How about some free book swag? Preorder your eBook or paperback copy of The Cursebound Thief, then fill out the following form to receive character cards and a blueprint of the Museum of Magic:


Need help submitting your receipt? Email me at


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